Workshop: Japan’s Role in Emerging Regionalism in Asia

The Tokyo University Forum (Todai Forum)
Institute of Social Science of the University of Tokyo
and Lyon Institute of East Asian Studies
(UMR CNRS 5062, ENS Lyon, Univ. Lyon 2, IEP)

Workshop: 21 October 2011, 9h to 18h
Venue : ENS Lyon, site Descartes, room F 106

The Regionalism in Asia is a thematic of a great importance, politically as well as economically, for all countries of the Asian area: China and Japan of course, but also Korea or ASEAN. In the present era of globalisation, it is also an important issue for other regions in the world. Although it is not a new issue, changes occurred in the recent years: the change of political regime in Japan that led to a different vision and a transformation of policies towards Asia; the de facto economic integration which was mainly done by Japanese multinationals and which is now challenged by China position, the economic crisis and its impact on most of the concerned countries, the greater consciousness of environmental or geopolitical risks .etc. All this will have a strong impact on the form (politic, economic, social, legal) that an Asian community could take. Although the EU often serve as an example, quite different scenarios of regionalism might emerge from history, geopolitical considerations, national or multilateral arrangements or initiatives already engaged, and need to be studied carefully. It is the aim of the workshop and of the joint research project foreseen as a possible outcome.